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Time Capsule Activities

Use these time capsule activities during back-to-school time to build community and get to know your students. Celebrate at the end of the year when you see how far your students have grown.


Use a time capsule for your back-to-school activities to get to know your students and build classroom community. After your students complete their time capsule pages, they’ll see which of their classmates have the same interests. 

Repeat the time capsule activity at the end of the year to showcase how much your students have grown. You will love to see how proud your students are and their parents will be excited to see their progress.

This Time Capsule Activity Includes:

time capsule activities

  • Self-portrait template.
  • “My Favorites” page.
  • Selfie page with a space for a photograph.
  • “What Will I Learn This Year” page.
  • “This Is What I Learned This Year” page.
  • Labels for yarn to measure students.
  • Covers for time capsule envelopes.
  • Labels for time capsule tubes.

Time Capsule Details:

  • Self-Portrait page: The outline is ready for your students to add their facial features so they don’t struggle with getting the correct dimensions of their heads and shoulders.
  • “My Favorites” page: Choose the unlined or lined page for your students to write about their interests.
  • Selfie page: Take a photograph of your students on the first day of school to remind them of what they looked like. Tip: Save the photos to use for special projects.
  • “What Will I Learn This Year” page: See what your students are looking forward to learning the most.
  • “This Is What I Learned This Year” page: Should you choose to do your time capsule at the end of the year, your students can write the highlights of what they learned.
  • time capsule activitiesLabels for yarn to measure students: Either type your student’s names in the editable fields and print or print a blank page and write your student’s names in by hand. 
  • Covers for time capsule envelopes: Package your time capsules away for safekeeping in a manila envelope.
  • Labels for time capsule tubes: Or, if you choose, roll up your time capsule pages to stick into a Pringles can.

See It In Action

Watch this video to see how to prep and use your time capsule activities.

When you open the time capsule activities in your classroom, your students will remember their progress for a very long time. This is something your classroom community will celebrate together. Download the time capsule pages now, so you’ll have them when you need them.


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