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Library Card – All Access Annual Pass – Gift Membership

The Literacy Stations Library Card is a revolutionary one-year membership designed for K-2 educators, but we have added a unique twist – it’s the perfect gift from parents to teachers. This membership grants unlimited access to an extensive library of over 350 carefully curated educational resources, including a diverse range of lesson plans, reading passages, writing stations, and more.


The Literacy Stations Library Card is more than just a gift – it’s an investment in education. It empowers teachers, supports students, and fosters a collaborative spirit between parents and educators. With its ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and comprehensive resource offerings, it’s an ideal choice for anyone looking to make a positive impact in their local educational community.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Resource Collection:

Gain access to a vast array of resources tailored for kindergarten through second grade. This includes engaging lesson plans, interactive reading and writing activities, spelling and poetry stations, and listening exercises​​.

Curriculum-Aligned Content:

All resources are aligned with common core standards, ensuring that they meet the educational needs of students and support teachers in delivering high-quality instruction​​.

Time-Saving and Convenient:

The membership eliminates the need for teachers to spend hours searching for or creating materials. With this gift, parents can help educators save time, allowing them to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks​​.
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Author’s Purpose Reading Passages
gingerbread man story
Activities for little red riding hood
may writing centers


Priced at just $100 for an entire year, this membership provides substantial savings compared to purchasing individual resources. It represents a significant cost reduction for educators, often under budget constraints​​​​.

User-Friendly Access:

The process of using the Library Card is straightforward and hassle-free. Teachers can easily log in, browse, and download the resources they need, simplifying lesson planning and classroom management​​.

Continuous Updates:

The library is regularly updated with new releases and refreshed favorites, ensuring that teachers always have access to the most current and relevant materials for their classrooms​​.

Benefits for Parents and Teachers:

Empower Educators:

By gifting this membership, parents directly contribute to enhancing the educational experience in the classroom, benefiting not only the teacher but every student.

Support Whole-Class Learning:

The diverse range of resources ensures that all students’ learning needs are met, promoting a more inclusive and engaging classroom environment.

Foster Stronger School-Community Ties:

This gift is a meaningful way for parents to show their appreciation for teachers and strengthen the relationship between home and school.

How It Works

As a parent, you’ll be providing invaluable support by freeing up teachers’ time to focus on what they do best – teach. It’s an affordable, impactful way to contribute to a rich learning environment, benefiting the entire class and showing appreciation for dedicated educators.

You will receive a PDF that includes a code that is good for a one year membership along with the instructions to redeem it. 

You can email it, or print it out and give it as part of a gift. 

Customers Review:

Literacy Stations
Library Card


"I am so happy I signed up for the Literacy Stations Library Card! As a first-grade teacher, finding engaging and effective resources for my students can be a challenge, but this membership has been a game-changer."


"The activities are fun, interactive, and align perfectly with the curriculum standards. I love how easy it is to incorporate them into my lesson plans, and my students have improved their spelling skills significantly since we started using these activities."