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About Rachael Hull

“I have a love for teaching and learning. Planning and creating lessons for students to use independently is my speciality. I LOVE creating new projects that you can use for your independent literacy stations. I know how hard it is to keep students engaged and motivated, while still providing what they need to be successful. Thanks for joining me on my journey!”

Rachael has over twenty-two years of classroom experience and is the go-to girl for all things digital! She is a certified Google Educator, Seesaw Ambassador, and a self professed social media junkie. Rachael has been the lead presenter at the NCTM Council of Mathematics, several Purdue University conferences, and recently featured on Kayse Morris’ Teacher TV, and Marissa Rehder’s Teacher Haven Membership.

Teaching literacy and facilitating literacy stations has been a passion of Rachael’s and she wants to help you gain the confidence to use technology in your classroom! Rachael’s blog, Teaching Firsties, and online resource center, Literacy Stations, blends literacy and technology with helpful articles, tutorial, and classroom resources for K-2 educators.