The Wind And The Sun


Do you need activities for your listening center? The Wind And The Sun is a great addition. Based on the popular Aesops fables, your students will love listening to this story.

Your students will love using popular Aesop’s Fables in their listening center. The story of The Wind And The Sun is a fun story for your students to read. They will enjoy hearing the story of the wind and the sun who had an argument one day over which one was stronger.

The Wind And The Sun Google And Seesaw Digital Resources

the wind and the sun

  • The first slide of the resource has the video. Students watch this right on Seesaw or Google. 
  • A reading passage with audio for another opportunity to hear the Aesop’s Fables for kids. 
  • A writing prompt.
  • Sequencing activities with movable elements.
  • Questions for comprehension.

The Wind And The Sun Printable Activities

the wind and the sun

  • A QR code with a link to the video. Post at your listening center for your students to scan. Or, add to the front on an envelope with the rest of the printable activities for a perfect grab-and-go activity.
  • Text passages matching the video. Your students can read and listen to The Wind And The Sun.
  • Comprehension questions about the moral of the story. 
  • A writing prompt about The Wind And The Sun.
  • A mini-book for your students. First, they will color the pictures, then read it to their friends and family.
  • Activities for sequencing to laminate and reuse year after year, or assigned to your students for a fun cut and paste activity.

Both Traditional And Digital Resources Are Included

I believe in blending traditional and digital resources in literacy stations. So I’ll never ask you to pay twice for the same product. Every resource for the famous Aesop’s fables will have both paper and pencil tasks as well as digital activities on Google Slides and Seesaw. All of your needs are met with one price. And here’s what you’ll get with this product:

How To Use The Wind And The Sun At Your Listening Center

This video will show you the activities that you will receive when you purchase this product. Watch to see the little or no-prep it takes to set up your listening center with Aesop’s fables for kids!

famous aesops fables for your listening center

Using Aesop’s Fables

The morals in the popular Aesop’s fables alone are worth teaching to your students. Your students will enjoy listening to the stories about the foolish or crafty animals, and how they solve the problems they face. After all, there are lessons for your students to learn from the Aesop’s fables morals, even today!


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