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When To Use A Question Mark

Teaching punctuation is simple with this “What Is A Question Mark” resource.

Students will master using question marks after completing these interactive punctuation mark activities.


Teaching punctuation is simple with this “What Is A Question Mark” resource.

Students will master using question marks after completing these interactive punctuation activities.

Too often, students forget to use punctuation marks. Or, they might not know when to use a question mark. This resource teaches this skill and offers punctuation practice either as a whole group, or during independent reading groups.

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What Is Included In This “When To Use A Question Mark” Resource?

  • At the beginning of each digital resource is a helpful video teaching students how to use a question mark. The video plays directly on Seesaw or Google Slides so your students stay on one website. 
  • Embedded audio is on each slide for your emerging readers. This makes this punctuation mark resource even more diverse. 
  • Digital resources are on both Seesaw and Google slides. Each has interactive movable pieces to keep your students engaged during their punctuation practice.
  • Print the anchor cart for using question marks and display it in your classroom.
  • Punctuation practice worksheets for your students are perfect for morning work or at your writing station.

How do I use this product in Seesaw?

This activity is preloaded onto Seesaw. Add them to your library with one click. The first slide has the video showing when to use a period. There are nineteen slides with movable punctuation practice and writing activities to practice writing sentences. 

You need a Seesaw account to use this punctuation mark resource.

Learn more about Seesaw at Teaching Firsties

I have two things that saved my sanity. Yoga pants and the Seesaw app. I have used Seesaw in my classroom for the last seven years, and it’s a part of our daily routine.

How do I use this product in Google Classroom?

Teach your students when to use a period with these Google Slides through Google Classroom. There are full instructions included.

Movable endmarks and punctuation mark writing activities keep your students engaged. The using periods video plays directly in Google Slides, so your students do not need to go to another site.

Here is a Google Classroom article to help you use it.

I made a helpful video showing you step-by-step instructions on setting up your classroom and assigning activities

Are there traditional resources?

Yes! All my digital products also have traditional resources. Use this punctuation practice activity either at your independent writing stations, or as a whole group.

How do I use this product to teach beginning capitalization?

Use these activities either in your writing stations, or as a whole group. Perfect for both distance learning and a socially distant classroom. Students watch the video first, then complete the slides. This activity is intended for students to complete independently.


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