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Beach Friends Summer School Spelling Practice For Vowel Diphthongs

Use summer school spelling practice for vowel diphthongs to help your students review words with diphthongs during summer school!


Are you looking for summer school spelling practice for vowel diphthongs? This product is just right to review words with diphthongs during summer school. 

Both digital resources and printable pages come with this summer school spelling practice for vowel diphthongs activity. 

Digital Summer School Spelling Practice For Vowel Diphthongs

  • Pick your digital platform: Google Slides, Seesaw, or Boom Learning Cards!
  • Students listen to the audio of the vowel diphthongs and move the words to the hungry friend’s mouths.
  • GIFs! This product has GIFs of beach creatures opening and closing their mouths on Google Slides and Boom Learning!
  • 30 slides with vowel diphthongs for Google Slides and Boom Learning.
  • Seesaw Note: Seesaw does not allow the GIF format, so the friend’s mouth is open. Seesaw has 20 slides with vowel diphthongs (since this is the maximum amount allowed).

vowel diphthongs activities

Printable Activities For Vowel Diphthongs

Because you may not want only digital resources, print the resources for a great end-of-the-year spelling center!

  • Six posters of hungry beach friends ready to eat words with vowel diphthongs!
  • 30 picture cards and 30 word cards are included. 
  • Use the posters and the cards together or just the cards for great spelling card games like Memory or Go Fish!

diphthongs vowels

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