Bundle Of Spelling Practice Words


Teach spelling skills with these consonant digraphs activities on Google Slides, Seesaw, and Boom Learning. These consonant digraphs online games are perfect for whole-class spelling review, or word work activities at an independent spelling center.



Use this bundle of spelling practice words for all your spelling skills this year! Your students will love playing these spelling games online. The fun spelling activities will have your students feeding the correct spelling words to a hungry farm animal.

Playing The Spelling Practice Words Game

Each set of spelling skills is available on Seesaw, Google Slides, and Boom Cards.  There are 210 cards in total. Students will listen to the audio of each word, then choose the correct spelling word to drag and drop in the animal’s mouth. 

How Will My Students Play This In My Classroom?

Print the posters of the farm animals for your students to “feed” at your spelling centers. Or print the word and picture cards for fun spelling activities like “Go Fish”, “Memory”, and more!

When Can I Use The Online Spelling Games?

These Spelling practice activities would be perfect to teach spelling skills to your students as a whole group. You can also add them to your word work activities for spelling differentiation and review. Check out a preview of the game here:

Which Spelling Skills Are Included In The Bundle Of Spelling Practice Words?

Included in these spelling review games are the following spelling skills:

  • CVC Short Vowel Words
  • Long Vowel Silent E Words
  • Vowel Team Words
  • Consonant Blend Words
  • Consonant Digraph Words
  • Vowel Diphthong Words
  • R Controlled Vowel Words

By purchasing this bundle of spelling practice words, you will get all the online spelling games for an entire year! You’ll also save 30% by making one purchase instead of buying all the online phonics games separately. 


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