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Sentence Scrambles BUNDLE for Spring on BOOM CARDS

45 different sentences are included in this bundle. These sentences include topics from puddle jumping to Earth Day and more!


Practice sentence structure with spring-themed sentence scramble activities. Use BOOM CARDS™ are fun for your students to use, and easy for you to grade. 

How Do My Students Play The Sentence Scrambles For Winter?

45 different sentences are included in this bundle. These sentences include topics from puddle jumping to Earth Day and more!

Students listen to the audio on each card first. Then, they click and drag the correct words to reassemble the sentence correctly. The cards are self-correcting and will let the students know if the sentence is in the right order. They have unlimited attempts to complete the assignment. 

How Do I Assign The Sentence Scrambles For Winter

Give these activities to your students either as a whole group or independently at a literacy station. You have the choice to assign them on BOOM CARDS™, Seesaw, or Google Classroom. Full instructions are included. 

Can I Grade The Sentence Scrambles?

Grading BOOM CARDS™ is easy with the reports generated for teachers. You can see which students completed each assignment and how many attempts it took to finish. As a teacher, I appreciated how much time I saved by the self-checking cards!


What is included in this bundle?

This bundle includes the following three sentence scramble activities.  Bundles are a great way to save money AND get more excellent resources for your classroom!

April Sentence Scrambles

May Sentence Scrambles

June Sentence Scrambles


I love to hear from teachers! After your students have used these activities, leave me a review to let me know how they did! Reviews help us know what we can make for you next. 


Need more information about Boom Cards™? Teaching Firsties has a great overview article here!



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