Nursery Rhymes Songs – Bundle of 5 – Set #4


Do you teach nursery rhyme songs in your classroom?

Here’s a fun unit for the nursery rhymes that your students will love, either for your whole class or as a part of your poetry station. Both traditional and digital (Google and Seesaw) nursery rhyme activities are included.

The following FULL items are included:



What Is Included With The Nursery Rhyme Songs?

You get the following 5 FULL units:


What Is Included With The Nursery Rhyme Songs?

Digital Resources for Seesaw and Google Classroom: 

  • A link to the nursery rhyme song with a video performed by Mr. J, Children’s Musician. (sample below)
  • A nursery rhyme reading passage.
  • Fill in the blank poem activity.
  • Four rhyming pages matching the nursery rhyme songs.

The video includes music and lyrics from a professional singer and songwriter, Mr. J, Children’s Musician!

Traditional Resources: 

  • Listening QR Codes for the video. Students scan and watch the video.
  • The nursery rhyme reading passage in color and black and white. Perfect for your poetry station binder.
  • Puzzle pieces to put the poem in order.
  • A foldable book.
  • Cut and paste rhyming activity.
  • Fill in the blank poem activity.

How Do I Use The Digital Resources?

You may use the nursery rhymes on either Google Slides or Seesaw.

Adding this to your Seesaw library or Google Classroom is easy with one click. Full instructions are included.

Whether you are teaching virtually or you are fully in the classroom, these digital resources for nursery rhyme songs are perfect for an independent poetry station or for your whole class.

How Do I Use The Traditional Nursery Rhyme Songs?

Place the reading passage in a binder and glue the QR code on the outside of an envelope. The puzzle pieces can go inside the envelope for your students to easily carry their materials from one place to another.

Check out this preview video to see this in action

Read what others have said about the nursery rhymes:

“My students really enjoyed this!”

“This resource is amazing! My students really liked the video clips and Google Slides activities!”

“This resource was great because it had google slides, printable worksheets (for families who picked up the assignments), and a seesaw link.”

“This bundle was a complete lifesaver during this time of virtual learning. Thank you so much for creating these!! I look forward to downloading more!”

You can read more about setting up poetry stations here!

Using Digital Resources
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