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With the Literacy Stations Library Card, you’ll have unlimited access to a vast collection of traditional and digital resources that you can use to enhance your teaching and engage your students. We’re constantly adding new products and materials to keep your content fresh and exciting throughout the entire school year. Don’t wait – get your Library Card today and start exploring all that the Literacy Stations Library has to offer!



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Are you a busy teacher feeling overwhelmed by the demands of planning and setting up literacy stations for your classroom?

Do you find yourself spending countless hours searching for the right resources and activities to engage your students and enhance their literacy skills?

We know your time is valuable, and that’s why we’re here to help. With the Literacy Stations Library Card, you’ll have access to a vast collection of resources that will take the guesswork out of planning and setting up literacy stations. Say goodbye to the stress and frustration of preparing for each day in your classroom – and hello to a simpler, more efficient way of teaching!

Check Out the Convenience of the Literacy Stations Library Card

The ultimate solution to simplify your planning and prep process.

The Literacy Stations Library Card gives you unlimited access to all our digital resources, including:

Writing Stations

70+ Different Themes

Each with 26 Printable Activities

Sports Writing Center

Reading Stations

Over 60 Downloads

Year Long Close Reading Passages

The Wizard Of Oz Reader's Theater Scripts

Poetry Stations

30 Nursery Rhymes

Music & lyrics by a professional musician

Five Green and Speckled Frogs

Spelling Stations

More than 70 separate resources

Print & Digital Vocabulary

Ocean Theme Spelling Practice For Vowel Teams

Listening Stations

25 Aesop's Fables

25 Fairy Tales

The Lion And The Mouse - Aesop's Fables For Kids

Classroom Behavior

Calm Corner Tools

Seasonal Favorites and much more!

Calm Corner Posters

With the Library Card, you can access all of these resources from the comfort of your own home or classroom, so you can plan and prepare at your own pace. No more rushing to create lesson plans or spending hours searching for the right activities – it’s all right here, at your fingertips. With the Literacy Stations Library, you can feel confident and prepared to engage your students and help them grow their literacy skills. Don’t wait – get your Library Card today and experience the ease and convenience of the Literacy Stations Library!

Turning a New Chapter: How the Literacy Stations Library Empowers Teachers

Planning multiple activities, at varying ability levels, for several independent literacy stations takes time. 


Say goodbye to boring literacy stations and hello to a library full of resources that will transform your classroom!

Our library features a variety of activities that are designed to captivate and engage your students, while also aligning with research and standards-based best practices. Plus, with a wide range of options to choose from, you can easily differentiate your instruction and meet the unique needs of each of your students.

How The Literacy Stations Library Helps Teachers:

Having independent literacy stations in your classroom can provide a valuable opportunity for your students to practice the skills you’ve taught them on their own, while you work with smaller groups uninterrupted. By incorporating standards-based, engaging, and fun activities into your literacy stations, you can create a positive and self-directed learning experience for your students.

What Can The Literacy Stations Library Do For Your Students?

Literacy stations serve many functions for your students.

They have multiple opportunities for independent practice on the skills they have learned in your classroom.

How Will This Help My Students?

They can work with partners to complete tasks, which helps them learn to cooperate with their classmates. Literacy stations also promote responsibility as your children learn your expectations for independent work. So having literacy station activities readily available for your students is important.

What's on the Shelf? Inside the Literacy Stations Library

Step into the Literacy Stations Library and you’ll find a wide range of resources to enhance your students’ literacy skills. Each section is packed with engaging and fun activities to help your students become strong readers, writers, and critical thinkers. In the Writing Stations section, students can explore various writing styles, while the Reading Stations section is filled with captivating texts and comprehension activities.

The Poetry Stations section offers creative and engaging ways to introduce students to the beauty of poetry. In the Spelling Stations, students can improve their spelling and vocabulary skills, while the Listening Stations feature audio stories to promote listening comprehension. There are even additional resources including seasonal and classroom behavior tools. The Literacy Stations Library is a treasure trove of resources for teachers and students alike!

Reading To Kids

Six Categories Of Literacy Stations:

Over 300 Resources!


Over $1500 when purchased separately

  • Reading Stations
  • Spelling Stations
  • Writing Stations
  • Poetry Stations
  • Listening Stations
  • Classroom Management
  • Seasonal Favorites
  • Additional Activities

The Library Card grants you access to multiple categories of literacy stations, each containing a variety of engaging activities for your students.

Writing Stations

The writing station resources in The Literacy Stations Library have activities for your students to practice writing with different seasonal and non-seasonal prompts and vocabulary words.

Print & Digital - Multiple Uses

Providing many writing choices for your students is important as they grow into proficient writers.

Over 50 Writing Center Titles

Fire Safety Writing Center
Stone Soup Story Writing Center
Sports Writing Center
Over $200 When Purchased Separately

Each week, your students will have new vocabulary word cards to use to include in their sentences. And with the opportunity to write books, lists, stories, and letters, your students will be motivated and excited to visit your writing station.

Reading Stations

Reading stations are filled with activities designed to help your students practice 16 unique reading comprehension strategies.

These activities include reading passages, interactive hands-on activities, digital resources, and instructional videos. You’ll have access to both seasonal and non-seasonal activities, as well as whole-group resources that accompany the independent activities. With everything you need to teach your students the skills and set up their reading stations for independent practice, you can save time and focus on what you do best – teaching!

Reading Comprehension Skills Include:

Lesson Plans
  • Main Idea
  • Visualizing
  • Making Predictions
  • Making Connections
  • Summarizing
  • Sequencing
  • Story Elements
  • Cause And Effect
  • Compare And Contrast
  • Asking Questions
  • Character Traits
  • Determining Importance
  • Drawing Conclusions
  • Inferencing
  • Context Clues
  • Author’s Purpose

Each Resource Contains:

  • 4 reading passages with activities, 2 passages are fiction and 2 are nonfiction
  • Printable bookmarks & 4 graphic organizers
  • A cold read passage with assessment questions
  • Whole Group Lesson Plans And Reading Activities
  • Anchor charts to display in your classroom
  • Whole group reading activities to introduce the reading skill
  • 4 task cards to read to your classroom as a reading strategy warm-up
Asking Questions Reading Passages
Author's Purpose Reading Passages
$83 When Purchased Separately
Inferencing Reading Passages
  • Interactive notebook pages with an additional reading passage
  • Digital activities on Seesaw, Google Slides, and Boom Cards
  • Digital reading passages with activities. (different than printable reading passages)
  • Fun digital activities with movable pieces correlating to the reading skill
  • Printable center activities for each of the 16 reading skills

Spelling Stations

Looking for Engaging Spelling Activities?

Science Of Reading

Following the best practices of phonemic awareness for your students, you will have resources for phoneme isolation, phoneme blending, phoneme segmentation and more.

Hands-on, interactive spelling activities include spelling skills such as:

  • CVC short vowel words
  • Long vowel words with silent e
  • Long vowel digraph pairs
  • Initial consonant blends
  • Final consonant blends
  • Initial consonant digraphs
  • Final consonant digraphs
  • Vowel diphthongs
  • R-controlled vowels

40+ Spelling Stations

Each Skill Contains Multiple Activities

Vowel Diphthongs
segmenting words into phonemes
vowel teams
Over $175 When Purchased Separately

Poetry Stations

The poetry activities included in The Literacy Stations help your students read popular nursery rhymes and children’s songs. 

25 Separate Titles

Nursery Rhymes Songs - Row, Row, Row, Your Boat
Baa Baa Black Sheep Poetry Station
$125 When Purchased Separately

Set to music by a professional children’s singer and songwriter, these poetry station activities are more interactive than your typical poetry activity.

Traditional Resources: 

  • Listening QR Codes for the video. Students scan and watch the video.
  • The nursery rhyme reading passage in color and black and white. Perfect for your poetry station binder.
  • Puzzle pieces to put the poem in order.
  • A foldable book.
  • Cut and paste rhyming activity.
  • Fill in the blank poem activity.

Digital Resources for Seesaw and Google Classroom: 

  • A link to the nursery rhyme song with a video performed by Mr. J, Children’s Musician. 
  • A nursery rhyme reading passage.
  • Fill in the blank poem activity.
  • Four rhyming pages matching the nursery rhyme songs.

Listening Stations

Children who listen to stories develop reading skills and strategies.

It is important for them to not only follow along with new vocabulary and story elements, but also to listen to them. Listening stations really help your students become proficient readers.

The Tortoise And The Hare - Aesop's Fables For Kids
the wizard of oz story
Reading To Kids

They can either scan a QR code and watch the video, or open one of the many digital activities where the video is embedded.

The listening station activities within The Literacy Stations Library are different than many other listening centers, as each story is within a video for your students. You will also have different ways for your students to listen to the stories. 

Another key component of a listening station is quality response activities. Once they view the videos, and read along with the stories, they’ll have many response activities to show what they learned from the story and why they would recommend it to their classmates.

These include BOTH digital and traditional activities.

  • A video of the story in the digital resource and with a QR code link.
  • A digital storybook with audio.
  • Sequencing cards in color and black and white.
  • Writing prompts.
  • Comprehension questions.
  • Printable reading passages.
  • Foldable mini-books to read and take home.

20 Aesop’s Fables

All digital activities are on Google Slides and Seesaw.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf - Aesop's Fables For Kids
The Town Mouse And The Country Mouse - Aesop's Fables For Kids
The Miller His Son And Their Donkey - Aesop's Fables For Kids

20 Fairy Tales For Kids

Each includes a video, digital storybook, and more

fairy tales stories
fairy tales brothers grimm
story of stone soup
$200 When Purchased Separately

Six Categories Of Literacy Stations:

Over 200 Resources!


Over $1000 when purchased separately

  • Reading Stations
  • Spelling Stations
  • Writing Stations
  • Poetry Stations
  • Listening Stations
  • Additional Activities

Other Activities Included

Along with the listening station activities listed above, The Literacy Stations Library Card has resources to help your classroom in other ways.

Reader's Theater Scripts

Fluency And Expression

Studies show that students who practice reading with fluency and expression become stronger readers. One of the ways that they can practice this is through reader’s theater. Your students will have many titles of reader’s theater scripts to help them with partner reading. Use the reader’s theater scripts at a reading station or with your whole classroom.

Literacy Stations Library Readers Theater

These include BOTH digital and traditional activities.

  • Two levels of reader’s theater scripts for differentiation.
  • Black and white scripts, or pre-highlighted for each character.
  • Puppets to laminate and glue to a popsicle stick. Great for shy readers!
  • Nametags for each of the characters

20 Reader's Theater Scripts

All digital activities are on Google Slides and Seesaw.

The Bremen Town Musicians Readers Theater Scripts
The Wizard Of Oz Reader's Theater Scripts
Stone Soup Reader’s Theater Scripts
$60 When Purchased Separately

Close Reading

Are you struggling to find close reading passages and lesson plans that actually work for your students? Close reading texts and strategies are generally geared toward older students. Within The Literacy Stations Library, you’ll have close reading passages, lesson plans, and full teacher directions for an entire year!

These include BOTH digital and traditional activities.

  • Blackline or color printing options.
  • Close reading lesson plans for EACH of the close reading texts. These are no-prep lessons. Just print and go!
  • Examples of close reading techniques and instructions on how to teach a close reading lesson.
  • Product walkthrough to make sure you get the most out of your product.
  • Partner work for vocabulary.
  • Close reading questions for comprehension.
  • Writing activities to extend the content from the close reading texts.
  • Partner organization and classroom management for an engaging close reading lesson.
  • Anchor chart for close reading annotation.

36 Close Reading Texts

4 Non-Fiction & 4 Fiction Texts For Each Month

strategies for close reading
strategies for close reading
strategies for close reading
strategies for close reading
$45 When Purchased Separately

Social Emotional Learning Resources

Social emotional strategies help your students feel comfortable in your classroom. When students feel comfortable, they are ready to learn. Included in The Literacy Stations Library are activities and resources to help your student learn calming strategies.

zen den bundle
calming strategies bundle
Literacy Stations Library Social Emotional Learning
  • 16 different calming strategies for your students to try when they are upset. Available in posters or cards to add to a keyring. Students can view the posters or take the cards back to their desk as needed.
  • Calming strategies coloring pages for your students who enjoy coloring and drawing. Use as a stand-alone coloring book, or use individual pages to prompt your students to try other calming strategies.
  • Identifying feelings and emotions cards and posters. Teach your students the complicated emotions they might feel throughout the day.
  • Zen den and calm corner posters for expectations and rules. Teach your students how to use your safe area for self-regulation and not as a play area. Editable to customize for your own classroom.
editable calming bundle
Emotion Cards
Calming Strategy Coloring Pages
Calm Corner Posters
$30 When Purchased Separately

How Do I Use The Activities In The Literacy Stations Library?

Literacy Stations Library - How To Use The Resources

Many of the activities are no-prep resources. Simply print and add to your literacy stations. The activities that require some prep work are designed to last several years to come.

You have your choice of digital activities, printed students work, or a mix of both. You know your students and your classroom better than anyone, you choose the activities that will work best for your students.

What Will My Students Think Of The Activities?

Your literacy station time will quickly become the most exciting part of the day for your students. You’ll find your students will love the activities in The Literacy Stations Library because:

  • Interactive and engaging activities. Your students will not be bored!
  • Varying activities so your students won’t tire of repeating the same activities over and over again.
  • Differentiated resources to meet your students at their current ability level, but also offering scaffolding activities to help them become proficient readers.

A Word About Differentiation

When you have varying ability levels within your classroom, you’ll find it’s difficult to meet your student’s needs at their independent reading or writing level. The resources in The Literacy Stations Library offer scaffolding elements in the following way:

  • Different levels of reading passages.
  • Audio support for digital activities.
  • Many choices of reading activities and writing pages.
  • Picture cues for new vocabulary words.

What About The Digital Resources Within The Literacy Stations Library?

Because every classroom is different, and every educational platform has it’s own benefits, you will have your choice of digital platforms to assign literacy station activities to your students.

Boom Cards Resources
Seesaw Digital Resources

Choose between Google Slides, Seesaw, and Boom Cards at your centers. Each digital option offers unique opportunities for your students to respond to the skill they are practicing at your literacy stations. And since we’re offering choices, any activity within The Literacy Stations Library Membership has both digital and print options so you could have a fully digital reading station, a fully printed resource reading station, or a mix of the two.

What Are Teachers Saying About The Literacy Stations Library?

“My students love the games and the lessons align to my curriculum. I really like having nursery rhymes and folk tales to use. This is a valuable membership, worth every penny!”
-Ann S. First Grade Teacher

“The Literacy Stations Library Membership is easy to navigate. I have no problems finding the right resources for my students that are engaging and fun. It saves me a ton of time in the classroom because everything I need is provided.”
-Michelle R. First Grade Teacher

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