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Free Earth Day Writing Paper

Using these free Earth Day writing pages is a great way to engage first-grade students in learning about the importance of the environment and Earth Day. These writing pages feature images related to Earth Day, such as recycling, planting trees, or reducing waste. Students can use these pages to write stories, poems, or essays about their ideas for how to protect the environment.


Earth Day Writing Activities

April is a great time for students to showcase their writing skills. And with Earth Day falling right in the middle of the month, you can be flexible with your writing plans.

These writing pages are specially designed to capture their attention with eye-catching images related to Earth Day. We’re talking recycling, planting trees, and reducing waste—topics that will get them excited about taking care of our planet. Imagine the conversations and ideas that will come pouring out!

Earth Day Writing Paper Recycle Craft

Ideas For The Earth Day Writing Paper Printable Pages

There are so many ways to use the free Earth Day writing paper! Here are just a few ideas:

  • Write about what you can do to clean up your neighborhood.
  • Tell about five things you can recycle.
  • Describe how you could reuse a plastic water bottle.
  • Use descriptive words to tell about our Earth.
  • Tell about a time that you helped our planet.

Need more ideas for Earth Day writing projects?

When you grab the free Earth Day writing paper, you’ll also get 20 ideas for Earth Day writing activities that your students will love!

Earth Day writing pages are perfect for your students to motivate them to write new words and sentences. The Earth Day images help them come up with a topic to write about and they can color the images when they’re done for a more finished look to their published writing.

What Earth Day Writing Paper Is Included?

There are 36 Earth Day writing paper printable pages included. When you download this free resource, you will have:

  • 36 cute Earth Day writing pages for your students.
  • Each page has your choice of primary or regular lines.
  • Choose between a full page of lines for longer writing pieces, or a half page of lines with a space for a picture.
  • Make a quick and easy craft with the Recycle Logo page.
  • Recycling lists come in color or black and white pages.
  • 8 different “notes from your teacher” to write for your students for Earth Day.

Get It Here

Your students will love using the Earth Day themed writing paper to publish their writing pieces and share them with their classmates and families. So don’t wait, take advantage of this free resource and enhance your students’ writing experience with Earth Day writing paper today.

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