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Free Apple Writing Paper

Introducing an apple writing resource for teachers to kick-start the beginning of the school year. This free set of apple writing paper provides teachers with 40 pages to inspire their students’ writing ideas and projects. Add these pages to your lesson plans this month for some fun writing ideas. With a variety of apple-themed designs and ample space for creativity, students will have a blast exploring learning to write at the beginning of the year.


apple writing paper

The apple writing paper is a great resource to engage kindergarten and first grade students with writing activities during the months of August or September.  Using this free apple writing paper for writing prompts such as back to school, fall, and the changing seasons will make publishing your student’s writing fun. Apple activities can also be incorporated into the writing process, allowing students to learn more about the fruit and its uses. Additionally, using the apple writing paper with apple crafts in September adds a creative touch to the writing process. Overall, using apple writing paper can encourage young students to practice their writing skills in a fun and engaging way.

What Is Included In The Free Apple Writing Paper Download?

Simply download and print the 40 printable pages, an apple writing craft, 8 apple teacher notes, and pages for making lists. With so many resources included, this set offers a wide variety of activities for students to engage with. The 40 printable pages provide ample space for students to practice their writing skills, while the apple writing craft offers a way to show your student’s creativity.

Additionally, the 8 apple teacher notes can be used to encourage students, offer feedback, or communicate with parents. Finally, the page for making lists can be used to write apple facts or favorite apple foods. With all of these free resources, teachers can easily incorporate apple writing activities into their curriculum and help their students develop strong writing skills.

Ideas For The Apple Writing Paper Printable Pages

There are so many ways to use the free apple writing paper. Here are just a few ideas to incorporate apples and the back to school time in your writing plans.

  • Use the 5 senses with apples and write what you see, hear, smell, feel, and taste.
  • Write a story about a trip to the apple orchard.
  • Make a list of the different types of apples.
  • Write about the parts of an apple.
apple writing prompts

Need more ideas for apple writing activities and projects? When you download the free apple writing paper, you’ll also get 20 ideas for apple writing activities that your students will love.

Why Your Students Will Love The Apple Writing Paper

Your students will enjoy publishing their writing pieces, and with the thematic apple writing paper, this process becomes even more fun and engaging. This apple writing paper set can be used for a variety of writing genres such as narratives, descriptive essays, and informative texts. The apple theme provides a colorful and playful backdrop for student writing, encouraging creativity and imagination. When it comes time to publish, students will share their finished pieces with their classmates, and the apple writing paper will add a special touch to their presentations.

What Apple Writing Paper Is Included?

There are 40 apple writing paper printable pages included. When you download this free resource, you will have:

  • 40 cute apple writing pages for your students
  • Each page has your choice of primary or regular lines.
  • Choose between a full page of lines for longer writing pieces, or a half page of lines with room for a picture.
  • Make a quick and easy craft with the apple page.
  • Apple lists come in color or black and white pages.
  • 8 different apple themed “notes from your teacher” to write for your students.
apple craft
apple teacher notes

Get It Here

Your students will love using the apple themed writing paper to publish their writing pieces and share them with their classmates and families. So don’t wait, take advantage of this free resource and enhance your students’ writing experience with apple themed writing paper today.

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