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Fly Swatter Games For Silent E Words

Play a fly swatter game for silent e words with your class or at your spelling centers! Your students swat the fly with the correct silent e words!


Adding spelling games to your day with these fun fly swatter games for silent e words! You have your choice of whole-class spelling games or independent spelling activities for your word centers. Students have three choices of silent e words, and they “swat” the correct spelling of the word!

You have your choice of spelling activities: whole class, independent work, or digital resources! Pick which works best for your classroom!

Whole-Class Fly Swatter Games For Silent E Words

silent e activities

This download includes images on a PDF, or if you prefer, a PowerPoint presentation with the silent e words. Display the slides for your class to have your students come up and swat the correct silent e words! Fun for everyone!

There are 20 silent e words, plenty of spelling practice for your kiddos.

Using The Fly Swatter Games For Your Spelling Centers

Simply print the PowerPoint slides and add them to your spelling center, your students will swat the words as they flip through the slides! This is a great low-prep option for your spelling centers. Laminate for future use and lay them out for your students.

Digital Fly Swatter Games For Silent E Words

silent e activities

If you’d like to use these games as digital activities for your students, they are available on Google Slides, Seesaw, or Boom Cards! Choose the platform that is best for your students and they’ll love choosing the correct fly to swat.

Are Your Students Asking For More?

Consider purchasing the fly swatter games for the following spelling skills:

Or save money and buy the whole year of fly swatter games HERE!

Still Not Sure If The Fly Swatter Games Are For You?

Read more about playing a fly swatter game with your students here. Or check out this video showing the silent e games!


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