Five Senses Writing Center

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach your kindergarten or first-grade students about the five senses? Look no further than the five senses writing center! This writing center is a great addition to any classroom after teaching students about the five senses in a science unit. With a variety of writing activities and prompts that encourage students to use descriptive language, students will be able to explore the five senses in a fun and creative way.


The five senses writing center includes a variety of interactive tools to assist students in developing their writing skills. The vocabulary word wall words provide students with a handy reference when they need help spelling or using new words in their writing. The interactive spinners can be used to generate topics, helping students with writers block. With these tools and activities at their fingertips, students will be well-equipped to write confidently and independently about the five senses.

Why Should I Use The Five Senses Writing Center?

Offering a variety of choices at your writing center can make independent writing more enjoyable for your students. The five senses writing center is specifically designed to cater to different skill levels and interests, providing multiple writing activities that your students can choose from. With 43 different types of writing paper, your students will have plenty of options at your writing stations. Whether they are just beginning to write words or are already writing paragraphs, this writing center has something for everyone.

five senses writing center

How Will The Five Senses Writing Center Help My Students?

Selecting appropriate writing center activities can be a challenge, given that students have varying levels of skills and interests. This is particularly true for writing stations where differentiation can be difficult. It’s essential to provide activities that cater to students at different levels of writing skills, from beginning writers to those who can write sentences and paragraphs confidently. The five senses writing center is designed to meet the diverse learning needs of your students as they learn to write independently, whether it’s simple words, sentences or paragraphs.

46 Different Types Of Writing Activities

five senses writing center
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Word Cards
  • Paper Bag Puppet
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Picture Cards
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Picture Poster
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Word Mini-book
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Word Spinner
  • “Draw and write” with space for 3 different vocabulary words and pictures
  • “Draw and write” with space for 9 different vocabulary words and pictures
  • “Draw and write” with space for a large picture and writing space for sentences or a paragraph
  • “Write what you like” with space for a large picture and writing space for sentences or a paragraph
  • “Spin and write” with space for 3 different vocabulary words and pictures
  • “Spin and write” with space for a large picture and vocabulary sentences
five senses writing activities
five senses vocabulary book
  • “Write what you see” with space for 3 different vocabulary words and pictures
  • “Write what you see” with space for a large picture and writing space for sentences or a paragraph
  • “Write what you like” with space for 3 different vocabulary words and pictures
  • Letter writing page
  • List making page
  • “Find, Color, Write” – 3 different pages with 3 vocabulary terms to search for and write
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Word Recording Sheet – For use with digital resources.
  • Five Senses Vocabulary Sentences Recording Sheet – For use with digital resources.

Would You Like A Digital Writing Activity?

With this five senses  writing center, you have several options for digital writing activities on Google Slides, Boom Learning or Seesaw.

Seesaw Digital Resources
Boom Cards Resources

The digital writing center activities can be used as a stand-alone activity with engaging colorful slides for your students to move images and write the words and sentences. This allows for even more writing options and engagement for students.

five senses seesaw activity

Note: Seesaw users can move an actual magnifying glass to find the hidden word on the page!

five senses boom cards
five senses vocabulary

Would you like to have your students practice paper and pencil writing tasks along with a digital activity? The vocabulary digital resources were created for your students to read the words and sentences from their devices and write them on the included writing pages.

Writing Ideas To Use At Your Independent Literacy Centers

five senses writing center

Make the paper bag puppet and laminate the word cards. Your students will take a card, write it on their recording forms and feed it to the hungry student!

five senses writing center

Add the vocabulary word spinners to your writing center. Students spin a paperclip to decide which of the five senses to write about.

five senses writing folder

Laminate and add the picture cards to a pocket chart. Students take a card and add it to their list of senses.

If you use writing folders, add the vocabulary poster and the writing pages to your student’s writing center folders. Perfect for a grab-and-go-writing center.

five senses vocabulary

Use both digital and print writing activities! Students read the five senses words and sentences on their devices and record them on the form. This also helps your ELL learners!

Along with the differentiation and the writing choices in this five senses writing center, your students will enjoy the engaging writing activities. Instead of having the pressure of coming up with something to write about, the helpful vocabulary cards and posters will help spark their imagination. And since these activities are so interactive, you will find that they have plenty to keep their attention while they’re at your independent writing center.

five senses writing center

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