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Fall Spelling Games For Vowel Teams & Vowel Digraphs

Practicing vowel digraphs is fun when you have fall vowel teams spelling games! Great for your whole class or your spelling centers. Digital and printable resources!


Digital Fall Consonant Digraphs Spelling Games

Fall Spelling Games For Vowel Teams

Help your students understand their spelling skills with these Fall Spelling Games For Vowel Teams! Your students will choose the correct spelling of the words with consonant blends and feed it to the hungry fall animal’s mouth!

Easy to assign and easy to grade, these digital spelling games will be a hit for you and your students.

Choose the digital platform that works best for your students: Google Slides, Seesaw, or Boom Cards! With 30 vowel teams words, your students will choose the correct word and drop it right into the fall friend’s mouth!

Printable Fall Spelling Games For Vowel Teams

You can choose a printable option for these spelling games too! There are six posters of fall animals to laminate for your spelling centers. Then, you have a way to differentiate your games by choosing from the 30 word cards or the 30 word and picture clue cards.

Play the printable games by feeding them to the fall animal posters, or play traditional card games like Memory or Go Fish.

Full instructions accompany each of these games.

Fall Spelling Games For Vowel Teams

Want A Sneak Peek Of The Spelling Games?

Check out the fall games in action

Need help using these in your clasroom?

You can watch more about using matching games for your spelling center here.

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