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Stone Soup Listening Center Activities

Add the story of Stone Soup to your listening center with these digital resources. You’ll get a video, a storybook with audio plus so much more. Printable worksheets too!


the story of stone soup

Do you need more activities for your listening center? Use this resource for the story of Stone Soup. Your students will love hearing about the tricky traveler who gets a free bowl of soup. 

This resource has a video for your students to watch along with a digital storybook with audio. Digital resources and printable worksheets for comprehension are also included!

Digital Resources For Stone Soup

  • Available on Google Slides and Seesaw.
  • The video is embedded on the first slide of each resource. Your students can watch it right on Seesaw or Google Slides. 
  • A digital storybook with audio.
  • Questions for comprehension to monitor for understanding.
  • Sequencing activities to put the events of the tale in the right order.
  • Writing prompt.

Printable Worksheets for Stone Soup

story of stone soup

  • A link to the video from a QR code.
  • Comprehension questions.
  • A text passage to print for a read-aloud.
  • Writing Prompt.
  • Sequencing activities to laminate so you can reuse them or print for your students to color and cut out. 
  • A foldable mini-book of the story.

Adding The Fairy Tale Classics To Your Listening Centers

Watch this video to see examples of the activities for this resource. You will also see suggested uses for your listening centers. These activities need little or no-prep work because your time is valuable!

popular fairy tales for your listening centers

Stone Stoup Activites

When you buy these activities, you will have BOTH digital resources and printable worksheets! So YOU get to choose which to use based on the needs of your classroom. 

If your students love Stone Soup, try THESE reader’s theater scripts!


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