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Fairy Tales For Kids Including The Little Red Hen

Fairy tales for kids including The Little Red Hen are included in this set of fairy tale classics for your listening center. A video and a digital storybook with audio is included with every fairy tale story!

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Add this set of fairy tales for kids including The Little Red Hen to your listening center libraries. With each title, you will receive digital resources for Google Slides and Seesaw, as well as many printable worksheets to do in your classroom.

This set of fairy tales for kids is unique because it includes a movie of the fairy tale classics and a digital storybook with audio. And so much more!

Fairy Tales For Kids Including The Little Red Hen

The Gingerbread Man

 A tasty cookie gingerbread man leads everyone on a chase through the woods. Little does he know that the fox at the end of the path has a great plan with a delicious ending!



The Little Red Hen

the little red hen activitiesThe Little Red Hen asks her friends to help her bake some bread. But all the lazy cat, dog, and pig want to do is take a nap. But when the bread is ready, guess who goes hungry!


Goldilocks And The Three Bears

activities for goldilocks and the three bearsA curious little girl goes into the cottage of three bears and makes herself at home. When the bears come home, they find their porridge gone, their chairs broken, and a surprise visitor in their beds.



The Three Billy Goats Gruff

the three billy goats gruffThree billy goats want to cross a bridge for some lunch. But a mean troll eats billy goats who cross his bridge. Find out how the goats trick the troll and make their way safely across the bridge.




The Miller’s daughter can become queen if she spins a room-full of straw into gold. So she calls upon a strange man to help her at the cost of her first-born child. When the time comes, she breaks their arrangement by learning the strange man’s name: Rumplestiltskin!



Each of the fairy tale classics include a video for your students to watch, a storybook with audio on Seesaw and Google Slides, and so much more!

Digital Resources For Google Slides And Seesaw

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    • The video plays on the first slide of the resources. This way, your students will watch the movie right on Google Slides or Seesaw instead of being redirected to YouTube. 
    • A digital storybook with audio. Students read the text along with the audio on each of the pages.
    • Comprehension to check for the meaning of the fairy tale stories.
    • Writing prompts for extending the story.
    • Sequencing activities to put the events of the fairy tale stories in order.

Printable Worksheets

the brothers grimm

  • This fairy tale story set includes QR codes for listening center videos. Students will scan the code to watch the movie. 
  • Sequencing cards in both black and white and color. Print the black and white cards so your kiddos can color and cut out the activity, or laminate the color cards for years to come. 
  • A reading passage to print and use alongside the movie. Students can follow along as the video plays.
  • A writing extension for deeper meaning of the text. 
  • A mini-book of each princess fairy tale story. Students can take the foldable books home to read to their families.
  • Comprehension questions about each of the fairy tale classics to check for understanding.


Using Fairy Tales For Kids Including The Little Red Hen In Your Classroom

Watch this video to see examples of this product, as well as how to adapt your listening center for these fun fairy tale stories!

famous aesops fables for your listening center

Would you like to try using these fairy tale classics as reader’s theater? You can get the reader’s theater scripts HERE!


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