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Determining Importance Reading Passages, Graphic Organizers, Bookmarks, and Test

Ditch the time-consuming search for the right reading passages! Looking for reading skills passages that focus on Determining Importance we got you covered. These no prep, ready-to-print activities are perfect for the busy teacher and are loaded with fun activities your students will love.

Check what’s inside!


These ready-to-use Worksheets and Printable Activities For Determining Importance will help your students dive into understanding the text and build confidence in their reading skills.

What Is Included In The Reading Passages For Determining Importance?

  • 4 engaging reading passages. 2 non-fiction and 2 fiction for a variety of reading for your students.
  • Printable bookmarks with the sequencing reading strategy. Can be used as “on-the-go” anchor charts.
  • 4 carefully crafted graphic organizers that really help students dissect reading skills.
  • Assessment sheets that include passage and comprehension questions.

These Reading Passages For Determining Importance are a great supplement to your curriculum. The best part is that these activities and worksheets are… NO PREP! Get your students to dive deep into pulling important information from the text and sharing those reading skills.

Ready to Print Bookmarks

determining importance printable bookmarks

Send these home as “on-the-go” anchor charts with your students.

Graphic Organizers

determining importance activities

Use these organizers to support their learning of new reading skills. Four different versions of graphic organizers to enough practice.

Passages & Assessments

determining importance assessments

Great for using as a check-point to make sure students are understanding the concept of cause and effect.

When Can I Use The Printable Pages?

Use them as… curriculum supplement sub days, homework, extra support for students, or even those crazy busy days. They made READY TO PRINT and GO! You don’t have to stress about having to look for activities, worksheets, and assessments when you have everything right here!


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