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Consonant Digraphs Spelling Puzzles

Practicing digraphs is easy with these consonant digraphs spelling puzzles. Perfect for your whole class or your spelling centers!


Make practicing digraphs a little easier with these consonant digraphs spelling puzzles. Your students will enjoy practicing their “ch”, “sh”, “wh”, and more! The puzzles match words to pictures, and the beginning and ending consonant digraphs to the rest of the word.

Both printable puzzle pieces and digital puzzle activities are included in this product so you choose what is best for your classroom!

Digital Consonant Digraphs Spelling Puzzles

digraph activities

Available on Boom Cards, Google Slides, and Seesaw, your students can use these puzzle games to practice their spelling. Each classroom is different, so you can choose which platform works best. Audio is included for every word so that takes out the guesswork. After they listen to the audio, they match the puzzle pieces for the correct word.

The puzzle pieces vary between matching a picture of the word to the word itself and matching the onset (beginning of the word) to the rime (the ending of the word). There are 90 words with consonant digraphs included in the digital puzzles.

Printable Consonant Digraphs Spelling Puzzles

consonant blends activities

You have two options to choose from! Cut and paste activities for your students to color, cut out, and paste the matching words to the pictures. Or, if you choose, laminate the puzzle pieces and use velcro pieces for an interactive spelling center. There are 32 to choose from. Laminate some or all of them! Full instructions are included. We’ve included many options for you both digitally and with printable activities because we want you to have versatility for your centers!

Included In The Puzzle Activities

Here is a complete list of everything you will download when you purchase the puzzles for consonant blends:

  • Links to the puzzles on Google Slides, Seesaw, or Boom Cards so you can pick which platform your students use.
  • 32 words with consonant digraphs on puzzle pieces to laminate for a spelling center.
  • 4 consonant digraphs cut and paste worksheets.
  • A YouTube tutorial detailing how to incorporate spelling puzzles into your literacy centers.

Getting More Puzzles

These puzzles make a simple and engaging activity for your students. They’re going to beg you for more, so here’s how to get a whole year of spelling puzzles for your spelling skills.

Or purchase the whole set of spelling puzzles HERE at a discount! Because who doesn’t love saving money for your classroom?

Want A Sneek Peek?

Here is a little preview of the spelling puzzles in action!


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