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Calming Strategy Cards For Self-Regulation At Your Zen Den Or Calm Down Corner

Teaching your students to self-regulate is important. Use calming corner cards for your students to keep at their desks or at your zen den or calm corner. That way, they’ll always have their calming strategies close at hand.


Using calming strategies in your classroom is helpful for your students to regulate confusing emotions. When your students have a visual representation of calming strategies, they’ll find they have a tool to process their feelings

Calming Strategy Cards

These calming strategy cards are the perfect way to help your students self-regulate with calming strategies. Students need self-regulation strategies, but many younger students don’t know how to use them

By adding these calming strategy cards to your social-emotional lessons, your students will understand how to use calming techniques at school.

And, by having 16 different strategies to choose from, your students can choose the calming strategy that works for them.

Calming Strategy Cards

Your students won’t walk into your classroom knowing calming strategies for self-regulation. You can’t expect them to go to your zen den or calm corner and know what to do.

But many teachers don’t have the resources for a zen den, and they certainly don’t have time to make them from scratch. 

These 16 calming strategy cards are easy to print, and make a cute and calm addition to your zen den or calm down corner.

Inside This Zen Den Resource:

  • 16 different calming strategy cards for your students to try.
  • Color and black and white cards included.
  • Cards are roughly 4” x 5” each.
Calming Strategy Cards
Calming Strategy Cards

How Can I Use This In My Classroom?

  • Use the cards included in this resource to demonstrate each calming strategy. Take your time showing each technique and how you’d like it to be used in your classroom. Modeling is a great way for your students to understand your expectations.
  • Then, add the calming strategy cards to your zen den or calm corner. That way, your students can see the visual of each strategy as a reminder of how they can self-regulate.
  • Or, laminate and add the cards to a keyring so your students can keep them on their desk or carry their strategies to your zen den or calm corner.

Calming Strategies Included:

  • Listen
  • Bounce
  • Yoga
  • Write
  • Breathe
  • Walk
  • Think
  • Stretch
  • Make Play-Doh
  • Read
  • Squeeze
  • Relax
  • Draw
  • Drink
  • Hug
  • Count
Calming Strategy Cards

Your students will love visiting your zen den or calm corner when they have a direction for how to use it. The calming strategies on these cards make self-regulation fun, but more importantly, your students will feel better when they use them.

Teachers Like You Said:

Annie B. said, “Great to use in my calming corner to help some students self regulate. Really helpful way to teach calming strategies.”

Jessi S. said, “Very cute and calming. These will fit perfectly in my safe place with my classroom theme!”


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