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Zen Den And Calming Corner Resources BUNDLE for Calming Strategies & Identifying Emotions

Get your zen den or calm down corner with these calming corner resources. Everything you need to set your students up with calming strategies, self-soothing strategies, and ways to identify emotions and feelings is available in this useful resource.


These calming corner resources are packed full of activities for your zen den or calm corner. Identifying emotions and feelings is important for young students. So is learning calming strategies for their complex emotions.

Calming Corner Resources

By providing a zen den or calm corner to your students, you’ll teach them techniques to self-regulate so they can focus on their lessons.

How Will This Help My Students

calming corner resources
emotions zen den cards

When your students are feeling confusing emotions in your classroom, it is hard for them to concentrate on their lessons. They might act out or shut down. You can’t always stop what you’re teaching in that moment to check on individual students.

When you have a zen den or calm corner full of calming strategies for your students, they can independently work through their emotions and get back to work quickly.

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Total Time Saver

feeling posters

Lets face it, you don’t have time to create an entire safe area in your classroom from scratch. Thats why this bundle has everything to print and go. Everything you need to get your zen den or calm corner started is included in these calming corner resources.

Inside This Resource:

  • 16 different calming strategies for your students to try when they are upset. Available in posters or cards to add to a keyring. Students can view the posters or take the cards back to their desk as needed.
  • Calming strategies coloring pages for your students who enjoy coloring and drawing. Use as a stand-alone coloring book, or use individual pages to prompt your students to try other calming strategies.
  • Identifying feelings and emotions cards and posters. Teach your students the complicated emotions they might feel throughout the day.
  • Zen den and calm corner posters for expectations and rules. Teach your students how to use your safe area for self-regulation and not as a play area.  Editable to customize for your own classroom.
  • BONUS FOR THE BUNDLE ONLY! You’ll have choice posters where your students can identify how they are feeling now, how they want to feel, and what calming strategies they can try
emotions cards
calming strategy coloring pages


You’ll have choice posters where your students can identify how they are feeling now, how they want to feel, and what calming strategies they can try – only in this calming corner resources bundle.

calm corner bundle bonus

Your students will enjoy regulating their emotions at your zen den or calming corner. When they have expectations, you’ll know that your students will use the calming strategies quickly so they can return to their seats. And when you have the feelings and emotions posted, they’ll have visual cues of how they are feeling.

Teachers Like You Said:

Amber R. says, “This helped me set up my calm down corner for my students. They love visiting it and it really helps them stay calm in the classroom.”

Joy F. says, “My calm corner looks great! The neutral colors help calm my students and the calming strategies are helpful for them to regulate how they feel. Thank you for making such an easy resource.”


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