Belling The Cat


The story of “Belling The Cat” is perfect to add to your listening center. After reading the Aesop’s Fables with morals, they will also have fun activities to complete.

Add Belling The Cat to your listening activities. Your students will learn all about the mice who are trying to outsmart the cat. This is a great way to add an Aesop’s Fable story to your listening center library.

Belling The Cat Digital Resources

The digital resources for both Seesaw and Google Include:

  • The Aesop’s Fable story video, which plays right on Google Slides or Seesaw.
  • Reading passage with audio.
  • A writing prompt for Belling The Cat.
  • Movable sequencing activity.
  • Comprehension activities for the fable.

Belling The Cat Printable Resources

  • A video link from a QR code. Students scan the code to watch the video. You can print this code out and attach it to the outside of a folder. Add the rest of the activities inside the folder, making this a perfect “grab and go” station.
  • Belling The Cat reading passage.
  • Comprehension activities to accompany the story.
  • A writing prompt to match the Aesop’s Fable story.
  • A mini-book to read and color.
  • Sequencing activities to laminate and keep, or print and color.

Are Printable And Digital Resources Included?

You will have both traditional and digital resources for this activity. It’s so important to blend technology with pen and pencil tasks. So you will never need to pay twice at literacystations.com! Here is another peek of the listening center activities:

Using Aesop’s Fables Stories For Your Listening Center

Here is a video detailing the listening activities in this product and how you can use it for your classroom. You can see exactly what the product looks like, and how to prepare the activities for your students so they have them for years to come.

famous aesops fables for your listening center

Why Use Aesop’s Fable Stories?

Your students will love to hear the lessons that the characters in the fables learn. In this case, after reading Belling The Cat, your students will learn that the moral of the story is to think through your decisions, and the first choice isn’t always the best choice.


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