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Best Asking Questions Reading Passages

Asking questions while reading is an important skill for your students to practice. When a student learns to ask and answer questions from a text, they are learning critical thinking while reading. These asking questions reading passages are perfect for teaching your students the questioning reading strategy.


When your students learn to ask questions while reading, it promotes their critical thinking skills. This set of asking questions reading passages is perfect practice for your students to answer and ask questions about the text. You’ll get more than a collection of reading worksheets. You’ll get several ways for your students to learn questioning strategies for reading comprehension.

Included In The Asking Questions Reading Passages Set

  • 8 different asking questions reading passages
  • Digital audiobook story with asking questions practice.
  • Asking questions printable bookmark
  • 4 graphic organizers 
  • 4 games to check student’s understanding of asking questions
  • Exit Tickets to informally assess asking questions
  • Formal asking questions assessment 

Practicing asking questions is easy with all the resources included. With the reading passages, the bookmark and the graphic organizers, your students have multiple opportunities to learn how to further their understanding of the text by questioning while reading. 

asking questions reading passages

They’ll love completing the asking questions reading passages, then playing one of the four games included: “Thumbs Up”, “Four Corners”, “Around The Room”, or “Traffic Light”. If you’re short on time, exit tickets are great to quickly check your student’s understanding of asking questions. And when you’re ready, there is a formal assessment to complete your asking questions reading unit.

How Can I Use This In My Classroom?

These asking questions reading passages have several ways to practice this reading comprehension strategy. Here’s how to teach asking questions using this resource.

Asking Questions Printable Bookmarks

asking questions reading passages

Introduce your students to the asking questions reading comprehension skill with a bookmark that acts like a portable anchor chart. Print them on bright paper and send them home with library books or laminate and add them to your independent reading centers. The bookmark has a list of -wh questions as well as “can”, “if” and “how” to help your students formulate their questions. Keep your bookmarks handy as your students learn to ask questions while reading independently.

Asking Questions Graphic Organizers

asking questions reading passages

Graphic organizers are great for teaching reading comprehension. And they’re versatile too! With these asking questions graphic organizers and your favorite read-aloud, your students will formulate questions based on the text. Use the graphic organizers as you’re introducing your students to the asking questions reading skill. Then, as you gradually release the responsibility to your students, the graphic organizers are great for independent or partner reading.

Asking Questions Reading Passages

The asking questions reading passages can be used to introduce or practice the reading skill. Great for your whole classroom, or at your literacy center, these reading passages help your students interact with the text and formulate questions that further their understanding.

Asking Questions Reading Passages
Asking Questions Reading Passages

There are 8 asking questions reading passages included. 4 of the stories are fiction, 4 are non-fiction. Here are more details:

  • 4 reading passages have guided asking and answering practice. Students read the text, highlight important information, answer a question about the text, then ask their own questions.
  • 4 reading passages give students the opportunity to read the text, then ask and answer their own questions.

Digital Asking Questions Reading Passages

As teachers, we want our digital activities to be meaningful. The digital resource included is engaging and interactive with an audiobook story called “Where Are The Animals” designed to help your students practice the questioning reading strategy. The story is read to the students, then pauses throughout to allow students to generate questions from the text. Another great method for teaching reading comprehension.

Asking Questions Reading Passages

Asking Questions Games

The questioning reading strategy is difficult for students to learn. They need to practice determining the kinds of questions that further their understanding. This is tricky for younger readers who are also learning what a question is for the first time. The four games included with the asking questions reading passages allow students to have a choice between questions that help them think about the story and questions that are not relevant. 

asking questions reading passages
asking questions reading passages
asking questions reading passages
asking questions reading passages

Four stories on task cards are written with a question on each card. You will read the short story and the question to your students. They will determine if the question will help them understand the story better. Here are four games to play with this activity.

  • Thumbs Up: Use the cute images of thumbs included in this resource as a physical way for your students to show you if the questions in the story help them think about the text. 
  • Around The World: Place the asking questions task cards around your room. Students take the recording form and walk from card to card to check off “yes” if the question helps further understanding, or “no” if the question is irrelevant.
  • Traffic Lights: Similar to “red-light, green-light”, students move forward if their question is relevant to the story.
  • Four Corners: Laminate the posters and place them in different parts of your classroom. Read the asking questions task card story and question. Your students will choose which poster to stand by. Their choices are: “Yes”, “No”, “I Can’t Decide”, and “I Have A Better Question”.

Asking Questions Exit Ticket

asking questions reading passages

Exit tickets are perfect if you have a short amount of time to check if your students understand the concept of asking questions while reading. Print the exit tickets on bright paper, or even better, use the included sticky note printer template to print the asking questions exit tickets onto a sticky note. Add a blank posterboard to your walls for your students to place their sticky note exit tickets! Either way you use them, these exit tickets will tell you quickly who has an understanding of asking questions and who needs more practice.

Asking Questions Assessment

When you are ready to assess your students, use the formal assessment provided. The story “Math Time” was written specifically for the asking questions skill. The 4 reading comprehehension questions show if your students can ask and answer questions based on the text. There is a final open ended prompt for them to ask their own question.

As teachers, we know that your students need multiple ways to practice a new reading skill. As teachers of young students, we also know that it needs to be fun and engaging. These asking questions reading passages, graphic organizers, printable bookmark, games, and assessments will highlight the reading skill but in a fun way for your students. 

Asking Questions Reading Passages

Why Will This Work In My Classroom?

Many times, we cannot find the right reading passages to “fit” the particular reading strategy when we are teaching reading comprehension strategies. The reading passages, as well as the other resources included focus directly on teaching your students to ask questions while reading. Focusing on the specific skill in isolation first will help your students as they practice asking questions on their own.

FAQ About The Asking Questions Reading Passages

  • What Reading Level Are The Reading Passages? The text for the passages are at a first grade reading level. 
  • How Do I Differentiate For My Struggling Readers? We are teaching our students the reading skill with this resource. If you have students reading below a first grade reading level, it would be appropriate to read the passages and questions to them.  
  • Do I Have To Use All The Activities Included? No, of course not. However, many activities have been included so you can choose what is best for your students. You can also vary any of the activities based on the needs of your classroom.
  • Where Can My Students Use The Digital Resources? The digital asking questions reading passage is available on Google Slides, Boom Cards, or Seesaw. Links to these activities are found at the beginning of the resource.

Get It Here

Adding the asking questions to your reading comprehension lesson plan will help your students isolate and practice parts of the text that they are curious about. Practicing answering and asking questions with this resource will enable your students to learn this skill so they can critically think about future text. Grab your asking questions reading passages today!

Asking Questions Reading Passages


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