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Aesops Fables Activities Bundle For Listening and Reading Comprehension Centers

Twenty Aesop’s Fables For Kids are ready to go! Simply download these famous Aesop’s Fables and you have listening centers that your students will love!

(3 customer reviews)


Add this Aesops Fables Activities Bundle For Listening and Reading Comprehension Centers with twenty Aesop’s Fables for kids to your listening centers. Your students will love hearing all the Aesop’s Fables stories while reading along with the text and completing the activities.

The Aesops Fables Activities Bundle Includes The Following 20 FULL Products

What's Inside the Aesops Fables Bundle Resources?

Each resource contains the following:

Printable Activities

The Tortoise And The Hare - Aesop's Fables For Kids
  • A QR code link to the movie.
  • A reading passage for your students to read as they watch the video.
  • Comprehension questions to check understanding.
  • A writing prompt.
  • A foldable mini-book to send home with your students.
  • Sequencing activities to laminate for years to come.
  • You will receive BOTH printable worksheets and digital resources when you purchase this product.
Aesops Fables Bundle - Set 4

Digital Resources On Google And Seesaw

Aesops Fables Bundle - Set 4

The digital resources are on both Google Slides and Seesaw.

  • A video of the fable playing directly on Seesaw or Google. 
  • Audio along with a reading passage for more support. 
  • A writing prompt about the moral of the story. 
  • An interactive sequencing activity for the Aesop’s fable story. 
  • Comprehension questions to check for understanding.
Seesaw Digital Resources

Using Digital And Traditional Resources

Because I believe in utilizing BOTH paper and pencil tasks along with activities on devices, you will receive both printable activities and digital resources when you purchase this product. So whether you are using digital resources, or would like strictly printable worksheets, this resource meets your needs.

aesops fables stories
Aesops Fables Bundle - Set 4

Blending At Your Listening Center

Would you like to learn more?

Here is a video showing suggested uses for this product for your listening center. I will walk you through all the resources included in The Ant And The Grasshopper so you can utilize them in your classroom.

You’ll see the activities included, and you’ll see how to prepare this for your listening station with little or no prep involved. All you need is a manilla folder to make a grab-and-go listening center.

Why Should You Use An Aesop’s Fable Story?

The famous Aesop’s fables are full of fun lessons for your students to learn. Although the stories are very old, your students still identify with the characters. They’ll learn with the crafty or foolish animals, and leave your listening center having learned the moral of the stories.

(3 customer reviews)

3 reviews for Aesops Fables Activities Bundle For Listening and Reading Comprehension Centers

  1. Tonilena M. (verified owner)

    The slides had the video as well as the written text which was helpful with students that don’t have internet, I could print them and send the story home.

  2. S. K. (verified owner)

    Great resource. I wish it had a little more work with some of the story elements like characters and summarizing/retelling.

  3. Beth M. (verified owner)

    I love this bundle! I uploaded this to SeeSaw and played as a student would and it worked perfect! Thank you!!

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