Why did you become a teacher?

It may not be a question you’re asked every day; however, it’s likely a question to which you’ve developed a highly personal answer as you set off on your rewarding vocational path.

No matter how specific or unique your “why” is, we’re willing to bet that every single teacher reading this has at least one thing in common: the desired welfare and growth of your students.

Few things are more rewarding than watching your students learn, ask questions, and implement new techniques and concepts.

At Literacy Stations, we know that you live for the “a-ha” moments; the hands that fly up in response to a question; the classroom engagement where, even if only for a few moments, there exists a perfect synergy and an excited energy.

…We’re here to help you bring that energy to the classroom, day in and day out.

We know that as a new teacher, it can be challenging to find your footing, and understand exactly how to get (and keep) your class interested and involved. You’re trying to mold young minds and are on the frontlines of education, working with some of the youngest grades to develop a lifelong passion for learning. It can be a daunting task.

We at Literacy Stations proudly provide a wide range of learning tools that you can harness for your first grade or second grade classroom. With a Library Membership, you’ll enjoy full access to a library of digital resources that keep students continually engaged, interested, and above all: learning.

When you purchase a Literacy Stations Library Membership, you can expect new products to be added to your portal routinely, so you’ll have access to fresh content for your students throughout the entire school year.

Here’s an overview of just a few membership benefits:

  • Complete digital and traditional resources, which are conveniently downloadable and printable.
  • Regular addition of popular titles and themes.
  • Easy access to digital classroom resources that integrate with popular learning platforms, such as Boom! Learning, Google Classroom, and Seesaw.

“But how does it work?”

…Glad you asked!

We offer five main literacy stations that target different areas of English language-learning. Every “literacy station” is organized by literacy type, and includes activities that help reinforce the material a student is hearing, seeing, or interacting with.

Reading stations provide engaging videos that reinforce and sharpen the comprehension skills you’ve already taught. You’ll also find text passages for independent study here.

Spelling stations offer fun and effective year-long activities and games to hone spelling skills. Both digital and printable card games are available.

Writing stations harness the power of engaging video tutorials as well as written activities that cater to both visual and kinesthetic learners.

Listening stations are great for auditory learners, and use classic stories such as “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” to improve students’ listening and comprehension skills.

Poetry stations use video and music by a professional children’s singer-songwriter to encourage your students’ fluency and expression.

Close Reading Guide

…Think the fun ends here? Think again!

With the purchase of our Literacy Stations Library Membership, you’ll also receive access to our special bonus course, which focuses on how to teach close reading to young readers – perfect for K-2 teachers!

Close reading is not “one-size-fits-all”.  This course teaches you how to adapt these lessons into your regular classroom routines.

This bonus course includes complete lesson plans, digital and traditional activities, anchor charts, passages, video walkthroughs, and detailed instructions. It’s the “above and beyond” we’re offering for young, dedicated teachers like you – because you and your students deserve the very best classroom experience.

50+ Additional Resources

Finally, we’re offering extra resources, such as special activities for holidays, back to school, and summer school. As with all of our learning tools, these extra resources are both downloadable and printable, and we add new materials all the time.

Examples include “calm corner activities” (e.g. identifying feelings assignments), with the inclusion of posters, cards, worksheets, and more.

Are you eager to make an impact on young minds? Are you excited about working with and molding the next generation? Simply: we’re here to help you succeed, supporting you in all of your teaching endeavors.

Ready to go above and beyond in your teaching vocation? Explore our wide range of packages, products, and memberships to find your perfect classroom fit! Remember, we’re just a message or a phone call away if you have questions, or need help selecting your optimal product(s).


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