Why Digital

Literacy Stations?

In a digital age, you need digital resources and training. Students learn the foundation of literacy by reading and interacting with rich text. Digital platforms  allow this to happen whether in the classroom or during virtual learning.

What kind of literacy stations are featured?

The "Big-5"... Reading Comprehension, Phonics, Grammar, Listening, and Poetry.

Who is this for?

The Digital Literacy Station Membership is for any K-2 teacher or homeschool parent seeking to engage their children with quality literacy resources.

Do you offer training?

Training is offered in the form of tutorial videos on the most used classroom apps and digital platforms. Scheduled live Q & A sessions are offered in response to your specific questions.

Can I leave at any time?

I stand behind the Digital Literacy Stations Membership. In fact, I am so sure that your needs will be met that I hold to a strict no-money-back policy. However, if you no longer feel like this membership is right for you, you may leave at any time.

Time is Limited

The window for the next group opens soon - join the waitlist for additional opportunities and savings!

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Feedback & Reviews

Hearing from you helps me know what to create next. Your input drives my decisions because I know that nobody knows the needs of students better than YOU.

“This resource was exactly what my students needed during remote learning! Thank you!”

Kristin McGonagle


“I love how the video correlated with the google slides. This was a great distance learning activity for the kindergarteners in my district!”

Andrea S.


This resource was perfect for teaching about fables during distance learning. My students really enjoyed the interactive qualities of it.

Sarah V.


Times of uncertainty

Who knew it would be this way?

In times like this, when classrooms are practicing social distancing and schools are closing, digital resources and training are needed now more than ever. The Digital Literacy Station Membership was originally meant for classrooms pre-Covid. However, the training provided and the resources available will assist you whether you are in the classroom, utilizing a hybrid program, or virtually teaching from home. 

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Training & Support

Members of the Digital Literacy Stations Membership will receive ongoing training and support in the form of tutorials and live Q & A sessions. Even if you aren't comfortable with technology at all, you are going to gain the know-how and confidence to create a digital classroom.

Trainings Include

Materials & Resources

A library of digital literacy resources will be at your fingertips. Simply download and add to your digital platform of choice. No more agonizing over what to make and how to make it. Everything is done for you!

Resources include

Getting Interested?

Join the waiting list!

The Digital Literacy Stations Membership is meant for teachers who need ongoing support. Therefore, our class sizes are limited to provide as much individual attention as possible. By joining the waiting list, you will be notified first when a new class opens!

What Can I Do for You?

My goal is to offer the help and support that you need to foster a love of reading in your students. How can I help you?

Check out my blog!

Articles are geared toward helping K-2 teachers use technology in their classroom literacy stations. Teaching Firsties and Literacy Stations work together to give you the most up to date information, ongoing training, and quality digital resources for you and your classroom needs.

Need Advice?

Join the Facebook community to interact with educators such as yourself. Helpful articles and information is posted regularly.

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